1. Register / Login

Register on the online platform at: www.ndtuned.com/oficina providing the information requested in the registration form

Log in with the username and password chosen at the time of registration

2. Book a service

Select "Book a service" from the menu and then the product category

Fill in the assistance request form: equipment data (brand, model, serial number, etc.), desired service, anomalies and data for collection.

Click on submit service request

When submitting an online technical assistance request, the customer must identify all observed anomalies for repair purposes. Only the anomalies identified in the technical assistance request will be subject to contestation in case the anomalies persist after the intervention.

Equipment with remote controls must always be accompanied by the respective lock set. If this is not sent, ND Tuned declines any responsibility in the event that the equipment does not function correctly after receipt and assembly by the customer.

Without the complete set, the features will be tested manually, this does not guarantee that the set when assembled works correctly!

3. Collection

Pack the equipment in a cardboard box and, if possible, with protective plastic with air bubbles. Make sure the equipment perfectly fills the space to reduce possible damage during shipping and place our address abroad

If you have more than one equipment for collection on the same day, pack them well inside the same box.

Consult the transport and shipping conditions in our terms and conditions.

See conditions and shipping costs