DH 2xRC3

HLSRC Valve Technology

Lightest rear shock on the market

Customized configuration according to the needs and driving style of the rider and the bicycle operating system.

344g*Measured weight 240 × 76 without spring
External settings:
High and low speed compression
Spring regulation:
Aluminum 7050 / 7075
CNC Machined
Standard anodization and Hard anodization

DH 2xRC3 Rear Shock

  • DH 2xRC3 216mm Rear Shock


    Customized shaft size

  • DH 2xRC3 222mm Rear Shock


    Customized shaft size

  • DH 2xRC3 240mm Rear Shock


    Customized shaft size

  • DH 2xRC3 267mm Rear Shock


    Customized shaft size

Service kit

  • Shock Absorber Tools


    Tool for DH 2xRC3 shock absorber service

  • High speed tuner key


    For DH 2xRC3 shock absorber

Catalog and price list

DH 2xRC3

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HLSRC valve Technology

Valve with independent sections of high and low speed oil in compression and recovery.
Superior terrain reading.
Greater boost at high speeds.
Very smooth low to high speed transition.
Optimized flow channeling smooths the oil flow.
Lowers the working temperature of the shock absorber.
Allows longer maintenance interval.

High performance

Fully developed in ND Tuned installations, with a bold design and innovative technology solutions with revolutionary hydraulic systems.

Its construction uses lighter and stronger materials and the latest heat treatments that the world industry has for high performance components.